Wedding Video and Photography

More about our Video Production

Our standard wedding video production is full length documentary style, which captures all the emotion, fun and atmosphere of the day in a way that is only possible with video. We always capture video in a way that is unobtrusive and doesn't make you or your guests feel uncomfortable or self conscious. This enables us to capture your wedding day as it progresses naturally, rather than being staged in any way for the cameras. 

We use multi cameras at various parts of the day, particularly during the ceremony and speeches, to capture alternative angles and reactions, typically with up to three or four 4K cameras. The raw camera footage is then processed and edited, along with audio from voice recorders during the vows and speeches .To this we can also add your music choices for start and ending, background where appropriate and over the credits and names that you wish to thank. Finished videos are usually between 80 and 120 minutes in length.

We have from time to time been asked if we are able to offer a highlights video and we can prepare this at an extra cost if required. It is a long process involving taking parts of the footage from the day which is then edited with your choice of music. It can be useful for quick showings to friends etc who have no interest in the full video and is a little like a film trailer. It is worth mentioning that if you wish to upload your highlights video to social media sites, it will be necessary to use copyright free music to avoid it being blocked.

All video is delivered in HD on a USB drive for ease of viewing at the best quality plus 2 additional DVDs for those who are unable to view via USB. Copyright is also given to you enabling you to copy the video in any way that you wish.