Wedding Video and Photography



Capturing Memories

Molly G Production captures high quality professional Wedding Video and Photography  with a very friendly, relaxed and open approach. Claire and Roger have captured over 2000 weddings over the years and are very proud of the relationship they build with their clients. We are able to offer  both Photographic and Video services, either separately or as a combined joint package, with all packages starting with morning preps and running through to evening dances etc. 


Our Approach

We  are very easy to work with and believe it is important to allow couples families and guests to enjoy their day without feeling pressured.  

Our videos are filmed in a documentary style, using 4K multi cameras where appropriate, in a very unobtrusive way. Our still photos are a mix of formal groups, casual and romantic, taken throughout the day in a manner that helps everyone feel relaxed for best results.


What to Expect

We always like to visit our potential clients before they book, as we feel that feeling comfortable with us is just as important as the quality of our work. We always bring typical examples of our work and if we have previously captured your venue we will bring along examples. 

Visits are very informal and we don't expect any decision at the time as we like you to think about it first. No deposit is required for a booking as it would be confirmed with a contract.  We also only require payment upon completion of the editing and processing of the finished wedding video and photography.

Copyright to finished work will become yours on final payment and delivery, so that you can make as many copies or upload whatever you wish.